What are the PARC Tutorials ?

The PARC Tutorials are a professional development program designed to prepare candidates for registration as an architect. 

They come in two varieties.  The PARC APE Tutorials and the PARC Experienced Practitioner Tutorials. 

The PARC APE Tutorials are a professional development program designed to prepare applicants for the Architectural Practice Exam (APE).  Successful completion of the APE is the primary prerequisite for registration as an Architect in all states and territories of Australia. 

The Tutorials cover the professional practice content that is the subject of the APE.  They are also designed to help participants understand the nature, purpose and focus of the APE examination process.

They are available face-to-face in Melbourne and now Sydney and Online Australia-wide.  They are currently run twice a year in Autumn and Winter to align with the two intakes of the APE.

The Experienced Practitioner tutorials are designed for those seeking registration via the Local or Overseas Experienced Practitioner pathways.  These too cover the professional practice content and the format of the assessment but in a format more suited to candidates with much more experience and perhaps some 'bad-habits.'

Whilst aimed at helping candidates achieve registration the Tutorials are also suitable for professionals wanting to update their knowledge of current professional practice, those new to Australia seeking a detailed understanding of local contracts and procedures and those rejoining the industry after a break or some time in another sector.

See the Registration Tutorials tab for more details.