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The PARC course was definitely very helpful in my preparation for the APE process. All the material and advice Bryan and Nicole presented was up-to-date, relevant and extremely useful not only for the exam but for everyday architectural practice as well. It helped me to feel much more prepared for the exam and also increased my self-confidence as a young architect.

During the exam I really felt my head was clear and my mind focused on identifying the purpose of each question. Bryan and Nicole’s weekly reading structure helped me to be systematic in reading through the large amount of exam material.

And finally, I really enjoyed coming to the tutorials every time - with plenty of peer interaction and a good measure of laughs it was never boring.
— Sergey P
PARC turned what could have been 12+ weeks of mindless reading and frustration into a structured, comprehensive and motivating series of lectures. Nicole and Bryan’s humor, good nature and generosity of time is central to the success of their teachings.

Humorous PARC anecdotes and rules of thumb stuck with me for my exam, interview and beyond.

I passed the exam and interview and left with the knowledge and confidence that I needed to open my own practice.
— Dain M
The PARC course is definitely one to consider. Nicole and Bryan are extremely helpful and the course is structured very professionally. It provides an informative perspective on different aspects of the professional practice and gives you confidence. Most importantly the tutors make it a wonderful experience.
— Arfann A.
Thank you Nicole & Bryan. The PARC course is highly informative, engaging & filled with some great laughs along the way. Look forward to continuing an association with PARC into the future.
— Ben C.
The process of registration is a horrible thing. Can’t polish that one. However, PARC stepped me through it with confidence and relative ease. The PARC founders Bryan and Nicole know their material back to front and always match real-world experience to the course material. They are also great fun and will make you feel at ease with it all.
— Anthony D.
I signed up for the PARC Tutorials thinking it was a tick the box requirement that I would reluctantly slog through in order to achieve the holy grail of registration. What I got out of the course instead was far more important than registration (although I don’t think I would have passed the exam without their preparation).

As someone who already ran a small building design practice for several years prior to taking the course, I strongly believe that every architect who wishes to practice on their own should take this class (even if you’re already registered). It goes far beyond meeting registration board requirements and actually educates you how to successfully navigate the sometimes messy business of practicing architecture.

Nicole and Bryan were engaging, sharp witted and extremely knowledgeable. Their advice and wisdom has already been priceless on several jobs. It is a real service that these two are providing to our profession. Many thanks to the both of them.
— Chris M.
I truly believe I couldn’t have passed the exams without attending the PARC tutorials. The tutorials were not only helpful for the APE, they also helped me to have a better understanding of architectural practice and professional responsibilities. I enjoyed each and every tutorial. It was great to have Nicole and Bryan by my side in the adventurous journey of becoming a registered architect. I am forever indebted to you.
— Tahmina K.
Nicole and Bryan guide you hand by hand through each single step of exam. You will certainly learn new things that you might have missed out on even through your years of practice. I don’t think I could have passed the exam in one go without joining the class. I strongly recommend to attend even if you think you can pass.
— Jing Y.